Jennifer Boeke Art
                                      Creating and Creatively Publishing Art since 1983

"The LORD is my shepherd..." Psalm 23

Jennifer and Henry Boeke began this art ministry, (originally named Morning Glory Art) in 1983 with the goals
of creating art to visually tell the stories of the Bible, to help save the lost and to serve the found.
Over the decades, using numerous printed venues and
working with a large variety of ministries, those goals have become reality…
babies lives were saved, people have been fed and sheltered, and lives have been impacted with Love.
Today Jennifer’s art outreach has enlarged into murals, theater sets and the exciting drama of live illustrative paintings. Blessings!

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Glory to God, organizations have used millions of our products, in a variety of formats,
with very spiritually and financially fruitful results!

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“An illustration truly is worth a thousand words”

Enjoy looking over our site.There are many more originals and illustrations to be posted soon.
Please contact us with your ideas.
We will see what may have already been created or create new visuals for your specific needs.

All artwork is copyrighted and may not be used without written permission