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We're Too Young

“We’re Too Young!”

He walked into the center's lobby and stated he needed the Plan B pill.
Are you sure...are you aware of the possible side effects of this pill for your girlfriend?   No.
Can you take a few minutes to talk?     Maybe...just a minute.
Are you sure she is even pregnant?   No, we just had sex four days ago.

We had a brief, very open conversation, in which he explained their relationship and sex life.
As he stood to leave, fear and a sense of panic shadowed his face.

"Could you use a hug?' I asked as he towered over me.
He fell onto my shoulders sobbing, clinging tightly like a little boy saying,
"We're too young!"

He came back the next day with his girlfriend and the pregnancy test was negative.
After a very informative talk with the STD student educator, they made the decision to abstain from sex.
Thankfully he came to the PRC first and not Planned Parenthood!

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