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“The Truth Could Save Your Life”

If you think having sex is no big deal, maybe you had better learn the truth…

STDs are a big deal, a painful deal and possibly a life-long,

life-threatening deal. One in four teens engaged in sexual activity has an STD.

That’s like if four of you took a drive in a car, one of you is going to get hurt with

an injury that could last the rest of their life…maybe even end their life!

The ______ Pregnancy Resource Center has an important notebook we would like

to share with you. It shows graphic, color photos of actual sores on faces,

eyes and genitals caused by various STDs.

It isn’t pretty, but seriously, you owe yourself the facts…

and the fact is, if you are sexually active… you are seriously at risk!

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” John 8:32

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The above 5x7 format could be produced as an inexpensive handout

(with your center’s name in the blank)

for distributing to clients, youth groups, etc.

(Alternate artist's thoughts for use with donor mailings)

"Negative test...Positive Opportunity"

When a woman comes in the center for a pregnancy, she often leaves with more than she could ever imagine!
Especially when the test is negative, as this gives counselors the opportunity to discuss a variety of subjects with the client...
 health risks, her worth as a woman and her hope for living a good life in Christ.

Once I sat with a woman of 18 who just saw her p.t. test was negative. She sighed with relief knowing she didn't
have an unplanned pregnancy to then plan her life around. We talked about making wise decisions in dating,
when and who to date, what does she look for in a man.

Yet her eyes kept going to a binder on the table telling about the risks of STDs today.
I said that it's pretty graphic in its descriptions and photos, but she was welcome to look it over.
She propped it open on her lap. Her eyebrows raised, her mouth dropped, as she thumbed through the pages
 showing various symptoms of the diseases...the sores on eyes, faces and genital areas in full color and detail!

This led to a further talk about her life, that casual sex is not without its physical and emotional costs,
and that she is worthy of a man taking the high road to win her love.
I pray those thoughts helped her uphold her stand for abstinence...
and we are glad the ___________pregnancy center was there to lovingly share the facts.