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“The Right to Bare Arms”

Many post-abortive women find themselves grieving for the child they will never hold,
staring painfully at their empty arms. This painting depicts the pain of 'choice'
granted to us by the Supreme Court in 1973, giving women 'the right to bare arms'!
Truly, the 'freedom' to choose abortion is an injustice against women!
"...weeping for her children...because they are no more." Jer. 31:15

Copyright 2001 Jennifer Boeke Art-All rights reserved

The above format is a 5 x 7 print.
Can be produced as 5x7 or 8x10 prints for distributing
to donors, churches, volunteers, clients, etc.
They also make nice gifts at Gala table settings.

Three (4x8.5) imprinted samples of mailing inserts for #10 size envelopes

Please contact us for information about ordering inserts for your

organization’s personalized imprinting.

“We received countless comments from donors who stated that their primary reason for giving

was the story within the picture…showing the effects of abortion on women.

All of my Right to Life and Gospel Mission clients have been very pleased with
your professional, cost effective concepts and products.

Thank you for your integrity and your dedicated ministry of art.

You both are such valuable assets to the ministry of fund raising and development.”

Rev. Billy E Fox, Fund Raising Consultant, MSP/Mailing Services of Pittsburg, Freedom, PA

They also received many calls for post-abortion counseling.

Pennsylvanians For Human Life as well imprinted these inserts and distributed them to churches for bulletin inserts for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

“In the many years I’ve spent in the pro-life movement, I have never come across any picture
that depicts the agony of women who have had an abortion such as “The Right to Bare Arms.”

Betty Caffrey, President Wyoming Valley Chapter, Pennsylvanians For Human Life, Wilkes-Barre, PA