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“Precious or Commodity?”

In a discussion with a young woman who recently graduated from college, I asked what the
most difficult issue is facing the young women in the youth group she leads.
Without hesitation she stated that girls today need to know they are of value in and of themselves…
that they are not just a sexual commodity to be acquired by the guys they know.
Most want to remain pure, but they don’t get asked out if they are.
They want a protector…not a casual sex friend.

She said, “Choice doesn’t mean you aren’t being used.”

Things haven’t changed much since I was the director of a pregnancy center ten years ago.
A student I counseled marveled when I told her she was valuable just in herself…
that she is worth putting the bar high for any guy who cared to date her.
She had a beautiful mind and a loving heart.
She was so thrilled to hear of her worth, that the next week she brought back three friends
and asked me to explain to them just how precious they are.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity.”
Proverbs 31:25

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