Jennifer Boeke Art
                                      Creating and Creatively Publishing Art since 1983


Over the years Jennifer has painted more than twenty interior or exterior murals. Whether used in personal home settings or public venues, murals can tell your ongoing story even in the silence.
They can be historical, inventive, scenic depictions, decorative, etc. Like theater sets, a mural can create an atmosphere to give personality to a restaurant, add depth to a small space, and let the viewer’s imagination go to another world.

Her work has been commissioned for visual biographies, home decors, church settings, indoor playground surroundings, various eateries, retirement communities, museums and city historical settings.

Murals themselves are similar to live illustrative art, in that murals capture the attention their spectators
during the painting process, as well as for years after they have been completed.
Jennifer frequently finds ways to involve her ‘audience’ in the mural painting.
It might be an image incorporated into the scene that has a special meaning to someone
(such as a pet, a loved one’s portrait or even hot air balloons).
Sometimes she finds ways to have some observers actually paint a few stokes themselves!