Jennifer Boeke Art
                                      Creating and Creatively Publishing Art since 1983


Still a relatively new art form, live paintings capture the attention of the audience! As Jennifer paints along with music and/or sermons/lectures, the significance of the message becomes much clearer. Like a child looking at the pictures in a book as someone reads it to them, the story becomes etched into their heart and mind. Often her paintings have a sense of surprise as she develops the images. People have told the Boekes long after the event, that they will never forget the experience!

Jennifer has performed her live art during worship, sermons, women’s and missionary conferences, pro-life galas, homeless mission banquets and more. She truly enjoys using her talents, coming along side with others, to further enhance the event’s message. The artwork, usually created on four x five foot canvas, can be completed in anywhere from ten minutes to however long is needed for the program. Some groups have hung the finished artwork in their buildings…a continuing reminder of the message.
Jennifer can create a live painting from many of the images seen on this web site, or develop a new illustration working specifically with your ideas or message theme.

Please contact us to discuss scheduling
          Jennifer for your event.