Jennifer Boeke Art
                                      Creating and Creatively Publishing Art since 1983


"Psalm 23"
Original acrylic painting 48x60

"The Lost Sheep"
acrylic 36x48

“And if he finds it…he is
happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off.”  Matt. 18: 13

              In this painting we see the shepherd gently carrying back to the flock the lamb that wandered off into the dark forest.
      The rest of the flock stayed safe with the other caretaker, who upon seeing his friend coming out from the woods waves his hat
                                           with joyful shouts. The one who was thought to be lost has been found!

           How did the lamb get lost in the first place? Perhaps a step to the side here and there to grab a sweet nibble of grass…
               or his curiosity to see what was beyond this meadow, just over that small hill, and then the next hill and the next.
                   Soon he can’t find his way back. But the watchful shepherd notices his absence, leaves the other sheep
                                    with the caretaker and takes off to search for the one who has strayed away.

           People can wander off from the safe path too. The lure of the world out there, with its many attractions, can detour one
         from the right road onto that slippery slope into trouble. Maybe its drugs, alcohol, gambling or running from responsibility…
           but Hope is watching out for them…the kind of hope found in people reaching out to those who have strayed away.
    The Rescue mission is a place of guidance and turning back towards safety. The mission staff and volunteers are the caretakers

                           God has given to the lost ones of the flock. They too rejoice upon the return of the lost lamb.

"Going Home"
acrylic 30x40

"Peace Like A River"