Jennifer Boeke Art
                                      Creating and Creatively Publishing Art since 1983

Heartbeat International Conference

“He Reigns”

Dallas, Texas     April 2013

Jennifer is just finishing up the painting with a sweeping line of the

Holy Spirit’s light falling on the people raising their hands in joyful adoration!

She accompanied the praise band during morning worship,

while everyone sang of how our Lord reigns!

“One of the first art works to be hung in the Heartbeat International office was

Jennifer Boeke’s beautiful mother and child, “To look after orphans and widows

in their distress.” Jennifer blessed Heartbeat and all of our conference participants

in 2013 with a Live Illustrated Painting during our praise and worship session.

Her work ‘fills’ us with its beauty, hope and grace.”

Peggy Hartshorn
President of Heartbeat International