Jennifer Boeke Art
                                      Creating and Creatively Publishing Art since 1983

First Christian

Champaign, IL

In an outreach to their city, the church built a Sunday school wing that was also an indoor playground,
walking path and picnic area that was open to the public weekdays. Along the two long walls, a cityscape
was created both structurally and with murals. Jennifer worked along with two other artists
on different facades. Her projects entailed the hospital, courthouse, senior center, hardware store
and firehouse. Within the windows of these ‘buildings’ she painted stories with Biblical themes. 

In the hospital scene, the good Samaritan pays for the care of the injured man, Doctor Luke
runs from the ER, and Jesus washes the wound on a little girl’s knee. The trial of Christ takes
place in the courthouse and Peter runs out the front door from the girl who recognizes him. 
The senior’s enjoy their grandchildren. The hardware store portrays both ancient and modern aisles,
with Jesus as young man poking his finger with a spike.  The firehouse captain is Daniel
and the hats of his co-workers, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s hang on the wall…
Jennifer also gave life to the manikin’s face in the fire truck.

Good Samaritan Hospital

                                                     Peter running away                                                                   Jesus on trial                                                                                                       

The left window has Joseph and his boys at the store, Jesus pokes his finger with a spike
The right window is set in modern times

The firetruck later held a manikin whose face Jennifer repainted for a more 'buff' look.
Each brick was hand-painted!