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Choice of a Lifetime

“The Choice of a LIFE-time”

 The news hit them like a brick…positive!
He looked to her in his shock…she couldn’t raise her eyes to his…
What were they going to do?

His plans all would have to alter if they had a baby!
Her parents would disown her for becoming pregnant outside of marriage!
Suddenly their lives had changed and everything now hung in the balance of a choice;
…go ahead with the pregnancy or choose abortion?

At first that decision was only about how it would affect their lives now.
But the pregnancy resource center counselor called it their 'baby'!
They saw the fetal models of a baby's development and were given many informative brochures.
She let them know how the PRC could assist them in obtaining medical services and baby items.
The center would be there for encouragement and to talk to.

Most importantly the counselor let them know that this was not just a decision for now…
this was a choice that would affect them the rest of their lives one way or the other…
a choice bringing them life-long regrets or joys.
Truly it was the choice of a LIFE-time…theirs and their baby’s.

Now choose life, so that you and your children may live…” Dt 30:19

Your support of the ________________pregnancy resource center will enable them to continue sharing the truth
with many other couples facing an unplanned pregnancy.

   Copyright 2012 Jennifer Boeke Art-All rights reserved