Jennifer Boeke Art
                                      Creating and Creatively Publishing Art since 1983
Live Easter Painting
Calvary Church
                 Longmont, CO  April 2011   (Three services)
The Crucifixion was sketched, the music slowed and the lights dimmed…silence…then the canvas was torn from the top down in two…and as the lights and music rose again ...Our Risen Savior was revealed!

“We had one of the most moving Easter Services ever,
due in large part
to Jennifer and her gifts.
There were
audible gasps from the audience
several points in her painting as she
powerfully drew us to worship.”

“The attention is always given to Jesus and
WHAT she is painting and WHY,

instead of any attention on her."
Kara Guggenmos, Worship Director,

    Calvary Church, Longmont, CO

The same Easter Service live illustrations
were also created for

Cornerstone Community Church 2009 and
The River Community Church 2012

“Easter Sunday, Jennifer drew a chalk painting in the service that was synchronized with the worship music.

The visual effect had a great impact which enhanced the entire service. Both the regular guests and
the visiting guests we had from the community really appreciated her work.”

  Larry Jones, Senior Pastor,
Cornerstone Community Church,
Marshfield, WI

“Wow! As a Pastor I have not really been into ‘performance’ type things during worship. But this was not a performance, this was worship! Jennifer’s drawing of Jesus on the cross,

followed by a painting of Him resurrected from the tomb was powerful and led to glorifying and worshiping Him.
The greatest compliment I could give would be to say that nobody even noticed Jennifer was there.

She was simply a tool in the hand of the Master!”
   Pastor Mickey Lohr, The River Community Church, Lyons, CO